Heritage Museum Rocks


Today, I went to the Racine Heritage Museum to start research on my forthcoming book, Racine crime syndicate/ DBA/city of Racine, where I will outline some of the fun and games that have went on in the City and county of Racine WI

Stopped in to see how the layout in the archives work to see the lay of the land.

The 1st thing that stuck me is how nice and helpful the staff preforms their jobs, so cool to see a group of volunteers doing so much to help others looking for information.

The information they have!! Wowsers!!

I just went in basicly to look around I was their for about an hour in that hour looking only at a few newspaper files was enlightening very much so

Newspaper story after newspaper story taking about the money being spent on what is now called Reef Point Marina (in the Millions over the years) and the idea “If we build it they will come”

This was after the Harbor was changed from a Commercial Harbor to what it is now. around 1984 so after 30 years and millions of dollars not much has changed.

One story from 1988 said that 560 out of 960 slips were rented but the story goes on to say that the Harbor will be bringing more Slip rentals soon.

Gee last year a little over 50% of the slips were rented and the space that is being used for a Restaurant is as off 3/14 paying NO RENT (must be nice)  so when will this start to bring in revenue its only been oh 30+ years.

So I will be going back to do more research take a lot of notes and try to find out who got the Millions.

Going to see too what I can find out about the beginnings of Rootworks and what might be the real plan.

I will also be giving them a Copy of the Letter to the DA and a copy of the lawsuit on the Mayor and his pals, I think it is critical that this info is kept for those who come after.


Hey The Mayor takes a good photo



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