Lets rape the Lake!

From The Racine Journal Times 3-22-14 http://journaltimes.com/news/local/racine-utility-villages-agree-on-water-impact-fees/article_b87cc2ca-b16f-11e3-81d0-001a4bcf887a.html

Racine utility, villages agree on water impact fees


“RACINE COUNTY — It took just one meeting for Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant and Racine Water Utility officials to reach a compromise Friday on water impact fees.

Both villages had formally objected to a proposed increase in the basic residential equivalency connection fee, also known as REC or impact fee, by $130 from the current $3,320.

Village officials had previously said the fee, which can reach upwards of $100,000 for large businesses, hurts their ability to land big employers and developments……”

The cry is from the Villages is that high fees  drive folks  away and I think they are right on the other hand …”

Haas has explained that the concept behind REC fees is that existing ratepayers do not shoulder the burden for new development, which requires a more extensive utility network. The concept is that “growth pays for growth.”

The fees came about in 2004, when Racine, through its water utility, and Mount Pleasant agreed on a method for sharing the capital costs of water service infrastructure.

The agreement, which set the original fee at $2,913, also applies to Sturtevant which became a Racine retail customer in 2007. (Caledonia does not pay REC fees, but does pay 23.71 percent of any water infrastructure projects in Racine, Mount Pleasant or Caledonia.)…” And we have this “On the other hand, Wahlen said, “(Haas) needs to pay for that infrastructure.””


When we go back and reread we find this tidbit “n discussing that increase recently, Sturtevant Village Board members referred to an unnamed bottler that considered putting a plant in the village. But the REC fees would have been in the millions, they said.”

Yes a Water Bottle Plant by the looks of things


You know drill a few deep wells and suck up the Aqua-fill water a few 10.000 Gals a day perhaps to fill plastic water bottles that we see in store then chucked on the ground

Of course the area wants the plant bad from the jobs needed to build the place and jobs (low paying) to run the place, then you got the added tax base that’s what they are looking at

Only a few (and some of them now paid off by perhaps the Rootworks idea?) will not bitch about the water being pulled out and maybe maybe replaced by water coming in from Lake Michigan ? What damage might this bring to the area? Will anyone care after all the Pig called Goverment must eat even if your left with


And  to think I thought we had a Green Mayor well something is Green


As I see this we do not want a Water plant nor be part of an industry as bad as this one is to the Environment

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