More $$ for who

From today’s J-T More Funding Sought

Yes the folks behind RootWorks want more $$ and as I understand it this is what they want it for the planing for:


• A marsupial bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists beneath the Sixth Street bridge where it heads toward the Downtown area from the west.

• A pedestrian bridge from Mound Avenue to Water Street. The hope is to use an existing bridge once owned by Western Printing Co.

• Painting and designating the street along Mound Avenue as a “bike boulevard” that signals to drivers to slow down and watch for bicyclists.

• A scenic overlook above the river across the street from Next Generation Now, 1220 Mound Ave.

• An “outdoor classroom” directly across Mound Avenue from 21st Century Preparatory School, also at 1220 Mound Ave.

and they are only looking for 40K to do this planing.

I thought Vandewalle (our Pet Consultants also part of the Uptown plan planing) was working on a pedestrian bridge idea (Might call for an open Record request) if so how much did we give them for that?

I read this outline and think is this all for the school a non RUSD school?

Perhaps the landscaping and road work could be used for oh say a Condo development? And what of the Red Building on the Eastside of Mound St  Will the City be forced to set the businesses there up in a new location?

So what may be really going on here?

Side thought how long before the Lawsuit with the  city of Racine stops Rootworks?


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