Harbor Meeting 3/23/13 Part II


Just a few more random thoughts.

I have to sit closer to the talking being older they do not talk very loud and I missed the names of groups and other information, I will be sure to do so.

They did not have public comment however when I raised my hand they did allow me to speak.

Of course just so you know it’s Ryan’s fault that The City of Racine does not have Millions for dredging, that is what two of the members said. After all Racine needs the money. Troubling because in the day of 16 trillion in debit something must be cut. More troubling is that two members just see this as a Right vs left issue.

When I spoke I recalled to the Group that Our Mayor as is said is one phone call away from Obama perhaps   the group should have The Mayor contact the White House vs blame/contact Rep Ryan? That did not go over well.

I have a lot of research to do a few open records to ask for and calls to make To Rep Voss  about changes I like to see happen in Groups that may get State Money.

Oh one last thing. The chairman of the group and another talked of the effort needed to move along 5th St project, and let’s say a fear of the effort stalling out.

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