Harbor Meeting 3/22/13 Part 1

Went to the City Harbor Commission meting yesterday. I went because along with Rootworks there is a lot of opportunity to spend $$ on what who knows or  for the benefit of what group of folks? The rich well off Boaters who are looking to have their enjoyment of the Lake subsidized or everyone who may want to use Lake Michigan?

Let me start off in saying that this group of folks I think are doing the best job they know how within a city Goverment that has no clue about the effort needed to keep the Harbor open.

I will say that IMHO this group is thinking The City will be so much better off with a City/County operated Marina to attract the Mythical boaters to Racine. This will be a huge issue and fast for the days of the Boaters coming and spending tons of money are dead and gone. We will see how fast I can convince this group that the idea they have is well dead. Must be truly sad to see days of glory boating in Lake Michigan is gone, when in living memory they were part of it and perhaps still own large boats now.

That being said the City does have a Harbor that local fishermen use as well as Charter Boat Capts and others.  The City has a duty to maintain this harbor and improve said Harbor if/when able.

Over the years I have found out from this meeting and other  research due to high  cost much maintenance has been neglected, other factors beyond anyone’s control  has led to issues that need to be addressed like Dredging. In the meeting I was at, the survey done for the 5th street pier is finding (If I understand correctly) that 13,000 cubic Yards of bottom would have to be removed for a 7′ path that is needed, cost 450K to 1,000,ooo  that is a lot of money the City have to come up with 30% or so. How can we spend that money at a time that we are turning off street lights and fighting to keep open fire stations?

I strongly believe that this city needs to talk about what we are going to focus on with the small amount of resources we have for the best return on investment.

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