Grass on the Banks


Getting away fro the idea of The Root as a rich man’s toy for a bit. We should look at the use of Farming as a way to not only help with food issues but as a way to control issues with the river it’s self

Simply growing Grasses on the Banks of the River would help slow erosion, as well the Water   going into the Root could be cleaned by the grasses.

Introducing breeds of Fresh Water Fish that like off the Grasses and the Insects that live in the Grasslands could in fact create a whole Ecosystem in an area of the Root River that is suffering from the lack of one.

Would not that be an idea?

Perhaps the Fish are the type that Fishermen in Racine may like to try to Fish for? I understand that the Fees for Fishing licenses go to help pay for DNR projects that something like this might be able to use?

I know that I have seen many locals in Racine do enjoy fishing bring locals to the River is a Goal of RootWorks and myself.

A great idea to find ways to get locals in the Urban areas to care about the River that so many live close to. Locals are far more critical for the long term then the nonexistent Boaters.



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