Dredge the Harbor/River or they die!


Dredge the Harbor/River or they die!

From the Journal Sentinel  http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/mayors-urge-action-on-water-levels-in-lake-michigan-lake-huron-3p8q19j-191480561.html

From the Story “Lakes Michigan and Huron, which are actually two lobes of one grand lake, hit a record low in January. A combination of warm, dry weather has driven the lakes down more than a foot from where they were this time last year, 2 feet from their long-term average and more than 6 feet lower than the record high levels of the mid-1980s. But historic dredging on the St. Clair River, the lakes’ main outflow, is also a factor in today’s low water.”

We can see the Lake dropping  in depth with our own eyes. Talking to Fisherman its to the point almost where boats will start having issues coming into The Racine Harbors, some I have talked to think that perhaps even this year The Root River will be unusable to small craft. That be hell  on the businesses that rely on Small Craft owners to keep them open, how will the boaters get to them if the boats get beached before hand?

That sure piss off the Down Town Racine in crowd.

We can guess whats coming from the City of Racine, Mayor John Dickert will see if he can somehow find the money (With your taxes) to pay to dredge the River.

Kinda hard to get the magic Boaters to come to Racine WI if they can not make it up river.

Be one thing if Racine had a real harbor for both pleasure craft and freight, I be all over this and a better rail line to get the freight into out of Racine. This of course would mean real jobs and economic development, for an area that sure could use it.

No, our Mayor has his mind set on condos and water parks.   Like that is going to happen.

Be interesting if The Root River does silt up or might there be a deal not to fight Waukesha on dumping 6 million gal of “treated” sewage in the Root River in a vain hope to keep it open?


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  1. The Downtown Crowd is full of hate against those who decry the increase in property tax and borrowed money that is pumped into Downtown to keep it from dying the death it deserves.

    Arrogant Morons cry: “In the nicest way possible, seriously people… If all you have to say is negative and demeaning to the city of Racine, I have two thoughts.. 1.If you dislike it that much, leave! 2. If you left, stop reading and commenting on our newspaper, you don’t live here anymore! (We probably did not want you anyway!) I mean really, every day I have to watch you try to pee in the cheerios of anyone who writes an article here, good news or bad. Ugh!”


    While conveniently forgetting that the Downtown crowd is the LARGEST WELFARE recipient crowd in Racine! They hate that the people demand a stop to the ever increasing taxes they must pay on their homes all to support the Downtown crowd and Boaters.

    How DARE homeowners protest and cry out for relief when Mayor John Dickert only wants to provide the good life for the Downtown Boating crowd – at the expense of the rest of the City.

    WHERE are the private developers and realtors in Racine? they are all lined up at City Hall demanding a handout/bailout from the taxpayers. IF all Bating and Shopping activity is bringing in so much money – WHERE IS THE PROOF?

    Why does the County own the Marina? Why is Team Porters a TIF and being given millions in taxpayer money and tax breaks? That’s all you need to know – THEY ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND, because it isn’t working.


    You can take the Downtown Boating Crowd out of Racine and drop property taxes and businesses would return!


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