Things heat up.

First I like to thank Matt S at the Department of Development as well as the staff of Public Works  in the City of Racine. IMHO they enjoy talking to the public about what is going on and the how and whys. It might be there job but having someone explaining things makes misunderstands not happen.

Again I thank them.

So looks like we got some action going on with the Root River and RootWorks

A path to remove cars from the roads near the Lake costing 1.3 Million paid for by “Grants” next week I will find out how much is Grants and how much is our City Tax money.  I truly want to know how much is going to the company doing the planing and engineering.  After talking to them Tankstar  on the phone today I now feel that a lot of the companies that do this work for the D.O.T. see the D.O.T. as a Piggy Bank just for them and how dare the members of the public call and ask questions!  Looks like one of the blood suckers got a feed going on here! Next Thursday will be interesting to say the least.

Another project in planing is the path on the bank  of the Root River. Yes our pal Vandewalle   are doing that planing at least Vandewalle is a lot nicer to talk to and well cute. I like to know how much money and where the money is coming from for this planing as well.  IMHO it be wrong for The City to pay for this after telling the City Unions to go to hell.

Almost forgot planing might be going on about the foot bridges across the Root River. I should have those answers very soon next week I am thinking

and planing by Vandewalle on this too and since the RootWorks has been approved if the City can they will

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