It was a rainy day… Opinion


Been kinda peaceful on the River front. Not much going on The Root River Council not doing much that I can see, the Pony  Show a big nothing.  A little going on with sell clean Lake Michigan water for a few $$ and “treated Sewage” to Waukesha.

So not a lot of posting until now Oh I do have a Facebook page

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I have started to go to the Racine Water Commission meetings and tape the audio if I can the Video too. Document this whole deal of Disaster in the maker is necessary to show what the Shit comes down the Root River who made it happen

Will Mayor Dickert trade a few $$ for this?

Will not this be this be lots of fun?

Now things are starting to pick up:

This Thursday:

Click to access 5412_A_Waterworks_Commission_12-08-28_Meeting_Agenda.pdf

There is more, interesting event going on. We have a Downtown Racine Business opening a branch office in  Waukesha.  That’s fine folks do that all the time. However I find it worth while looking into more. I cant help but think that IMHO this event has something to do with water sales. A lot of places to open up a business some better operations then others .  I myself do not believe in chance. What better way to have an idea of what may be happening in Waukesha then to have a friendly business to the Mayor of Racine operate there?  I do believe that when millions are at stake,  anything can happen.

Just look at The Owens Vally or say the history of Joe Kennedy.

Sad thing is that if this happens for Racine without the court fights I think will come and the protests. The City would only get 4-6 million a year that’s a very little money very little money.

However think of the possibilities of the millions to build the infrastructure to do this the pipelines the land sales the  minority set asides.

When you read the History of the Owens Vally water to LA you get a taste of just a bit of the scams that can and do go on with Water in California. What could happen here?

Will the shit hit The Root River?

Pay attention Racine.

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