Tricky Dicky is in the house!


A local Blogger by the name of Tricky Dicky  is now asking questions too.

Reprinted with permission. His views are his own


A vision for Racine: The City of Racine was once great because it was located on Lake Michigan with a Harbor and offered a natural shipping route for goods.

Today, Racine is a dying town filled with unemployed people, shut off from easy access to the I, and being looted by an incompetent, clueless Mayor who boasts one of the highest tax rates around and is non-competitive on the local, national and global scale.

That incompetent Mayor, and his cousin, Tom Friedel, want to sell water to Waukesha – and present the plan as being a great money maker for Racine! WHAT?

Third world nations export raw materials and resources, first world nations import those materials and resources and add value by finishing them. NOW – Racine is starting to resemble a third world nation – look at the dichotomy between the thin strip of land comprised of the North Beach area, populated by the Boat and SWPL crowd, versus the run-down, blighted, boarded up , and abandoned houses and businesses that comprise a large and growing segment of Racine.

John and Tom promise that selling water to Waukesha will be a panacea to the troubles of Racine, and lower water rates… of course, they’ve forgotten to add in unexpected problems, cost over runs (like those at City Hall Bathrooms), change orders, and the continual decline in demand from Racine Businesses and homes due to flight away from Racine….

Instead, how about Racine works on getting connected to I-94 with high speed direct access to facilitate shipping? How about lowering tax rates – using a formula that takes less from each business but stresses more businesses to take that cut from? How about offering incentives for Waukesha businesses to locate here – YES! COME HERE TO RACINE, WAUKESHA BUSINESSES! With your tax $$$, jobs, and employees to spend on the local economy! RUSD must also go – it is overtaxing and broken – it stands as a detriment to luring high quality businesses to Racine – no one wants to send their children to a non-functional school system.

It does confuse me as to why Tom and John are pushing this water sale SO HARD! It makes no sense. The answer most likely lies in what is in it for them personally – because it is NOT in the best interest of Racine. Can anyone enlighten me as to how John and Tom benefit personally? What’s the missing connection?

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