New Phase

Well the Rootworks is a done deal, so much so I did not bother going to the last public presentation. I have seen the Dog and Pony Shows I think I do not need to see more.

Time will tell and come Fall we will see how many Police and Fire The City of Racine will lose and what nice toy (Say a Footbridge?) The City of Racine will try to Invest in saying it is so needed for Downtown Racine.

After all that is the main winner in this will be the folks with Busnesses in the Downtown, you know IMHO the Rich White Business Owners who back Mayor John Dickert.

RootWorks was never as I see it for anyone but the well off.  Interesting too is how many of the leaders and Rank/File of the Green Movement are White Females  the old Liberal guilt/Useful Idiots in that Lenin was right.

What has been under the Raider is how Racine will be trying to  sell Water out of the Watershed.

Something that has gotten little coverage from the Journal Times .  So I guess I got to start going to the Racine Water Dept meetings and writing more open records.

With Millions of $$ on the line this will be far more of a mess then the RootWorks scam

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