Unions smashed for RootWorks?

So as you may know the City of Racine will be working on voiding the Contracts it signed with one or more Unions last year.  These Contacts where signed before Act 10 would take place. You can find the whole story here


Interesting to note that City leaders are saying we do not have the money to pay the wages/benefits of  the Union workers.  So the City of Racine with Mayor John “Friend of the Working Man” Dickert knowing when the contracts were signed  he could not afford them (Unless Walker loss in a  recall a bet Dickert lose) signed them anyway.  How could he have not? He can not be that out of it.  As I said he may have bet that Walker would lose the Recall, again Dickert could not have helped but know Walker was going to win.

Well we will see what happens at least a court fight costing how much…

What does this have  to do with Rootworks? Easy City priories. How can the Mayor justify any spending on RootWorks at all when he is telling Rank and File City Union workers he has no money to pay them but look at this cute foot bridge.  Perhaps sorry you lost your home Mr. Former City Worker but look at this cool Ice rink Downtown and if your not black or Hispanic ….

Yes that will go over well.  The aftermath of the Recall will be glorious to behold! Not so much if your the Mayor of Racine who now understands how on the edge of ruin this City is and he no longer has much to give to keep his troops loyal.

I wonder how long before I hear rumors of his retiring for heath issues start again.

Walker runs the State

The GOP will have both Houses in DC come November

Obama may be looking for a job soon.

Racine has no money will not get more even from the EPA or much more, yet the RotWorks plan if carried out will cost millions.  Will some of that could some of that come from the Blood of City Union Members?

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