Image Does Matter

Image does matter in this day and age.   Try as one might image is something a person nor City can hide from.

In a time that information is so easy to come by you can try to hide away in Shadow but as I see it not for ever.

IMHO Mayor John Dickert is doing what he can to hide issues that Racine has be it high crime, or Schools if we do not talk about the issues or allow others to do so then they do not exist or in the case of Crime a perception its not really happening.  Helps if the local paper is in your pocket and does little to cove stories the Good Old Boys rather not see in print. A story I was told when I first moved here long ago was that the Newspaper would Fax each days proposed paper to  the major Good Old Boy for his OK before it was printed… That story is still told by many of the older folks in Racine.

Why well easy bad news today keeps Investors away  in the past Bad news might upset stockholders/customers of the large Good old boy. Not too cool in a company own town is it?

Now as I see it, we have the whole strange CAR 25 saga with if I understood what  the City Administrator told me yesterday that a “New Management team” may be coming in. WHAT? Is this to better control what is going on the Air at CAR 25?  Are shows like Root River TV and shows that George Meyer is doing so upsetting the Good Old Boys that its worth ending CAR 25 over might in be nothing more then Cronyism? Might it be both?

Now the Good old boys may have the Newspaper, they may get control of Car 25 but what the do not control is Facebook-Twitter, and other media sites.

So instead of controlling the image what may happen is we get the image of being a corrupt failing city on the Great Lake.  Gee how nice might that be?


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