Will Mayor Dickert Sell Racine to the PRC? More speculation

More about the upcoming “whoring of Wisconsin”

As you might have gusseted I dislike the idea of the PRC coming to buy Wisconsin. With the PRC’s being a COMMUNIST county with a horrible background in Human Rights  think Tiananmen Square  disgusting treatment of workers and the use of Companies for spying on host counties. I would have hoped that the State of Wisconsin would resist the idea of pimping out the State.

I do believe that Mayor John Dickert will do what he can to get the PRC to look here to “invest” within the City of Racine, my guess is that RCEDC will be whoring the county (Do you thing the PRC likes Blondes?)

Here the full story



WEDC signs agreement to bring Chinese investment to Wisconsin companies

PiYi agreement photo
Yang Shengli, Chairman, PiYi Investment Group, and Paul Jadin, CEO/Secretary of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, holding the signed agreement between PiYi and WEDC.

BEIJING, CHINA, June 15, 2012 – The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has entered into a memorandum of understanding with PiYi (Pee-Yee) Investment Management Co. Ltd. to support cooperation in investment promotion, marketing and referral. The memorandum also confirms Wisconsin’s participation in US-China Investors Week that will be held in the US in September 2012.

PiYi is a private investment management firm that manages private equity and venture capital funds for high-net worth Chinese investors.  PiYi has expressed interest in deploying significant capital for equity investments in commercialized technology developed by Wisconsin companies across a broad range of industries including agriculture, energy, clean-tech, infrastructure, Information Technology and bio-technology.

Governor Scott Walker has reached out to PiYi to welcome them to Wisconsin and confirmed the state’s participation in the US-China Investors Week conference being held in Madison and Milwaukee Sept. 26 and 27, 2012.

“Wisconsin is recognized as a global hub of innovation in the biosciences and clean energy technology,” said Governor Scott Walker. “I’m working on behalf of entrepreneurs in this state to find investment capital to fuel their innovations.  This is another step to attracting more capital.”

Paul Jadin, CEO/Secretary, signed the agreement during a meeting with PiYi in Beijing.  He said the agreement is important because it builds a partnership that promotes investment cooperation between Wisconsin and PiYi and recognizes Wisconsin as a destination for overseas capital.

“Our commitment with this memorandum of understanding is that WEDC will be organizing a two-day investment conference where we will showcase a portfolio of Wisconsin companies for PiYi to consider for investment,” said Jadin.

“Wisconsin is an attractive location for global institutional investments – we want investors like PiYi investing in our companies,” Jadin said.  “World class companies choose to invest in Wisconsin because of our skills in advanced manufacturing, our innovation in the life sciences and clean technologies and the strength of our world-class university system.”

The US-China Investors Week conference is organized by PiYi and the Council of American States in China.  The US-China Investors Week is a 10 day event with stops in Dallas, Madison/Milwaukee, Los Angles, Portland, Florida and Washington DC.  The group attending the conference will include approximately 20 high-net worth individuals, ten analysts and partners from PiYi and a select group of Chinese media representatives.  WEDC’s International Business Division will be hosting the conference.

About Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
As the state’s lead economic development organization, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation nurtures business growth and job creation in Wisconsin by providing leadership, bold thinking and creative investment strategies. For more information about WEDC’s foreign direct investment opportunities or how to deploy institutional capital in the state, contact Scott Mosley at scott.mosley@wedc.org or Tim Cooley at tim.cooley@wedc.org.  Learn more at http://www.wedc.org.




       Beijing PiYi Investment Management Co Ltd and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, desiring to promote mutual interest through cooperation in the field of investment promotion, marketing, and referral on the basis of equality and mutual benefit;

Recognizing that such cooperation shall promote economic cooperation and support the friendly relationships between two Parties;

Have agreed that the Parties will support cooperation in the fields of investment promotion, marketing and referral.

Cooperation may include the following:

a)     Joint or cooperative programs and projects of mutual benefit, including visits and exchange of investors, investment projects, and other experts or technical personnel;

b)     Mutual cooperation in international and regional organizations relating to investment promotion, marketing and referrals;

c)      Organizations of and participation in conferences, symposia, courses, workshops, exhibitions and other joint meetings of mutual interest;

d)     Exchange of information;

e)     Operation of joint training/education programs to raise competency in investment, fundraising, or management; and

f)       Other forms of co-operation as agreed by the Parties, including meetings between the two Parties on a regular basis.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned being duly authorized by the respective stakeholders of the organization in accordance with its by-laws, have signed this MOU.


Well lets see what happens




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