The Money Part Speculation

Speculation on the money to pay for RootWorks. The City of Racine has no money. As much as the Mayor of Racine John Dickert may have Grant funds coming to the city from the Former State Administration that is filtering in, and/or Money from The Obama. That amount may be as much as 2-3 Million (Pure Guess) and will help achieve some f the Goals set (if only more cash for Vandewalle?) The funds will not go far so assuming The City will NOT Lay Off Police/Fire or jack up property taxes for this alone (But count on your taxes going up after all we are talking Mayor John Dickert) how will RootWorks get paid for?

This is my Speculation on the subject.

Some funds will come from a TIF created for at least The Water St area. The TIF I think be used to fund the road repair truly needed on Marquette Water St area. Should some of the buildings on Water street have to come down (Do you think that Racine needs a Fish Farm unless a FOJ (Friend of John Dickert) runs it? Maybe that’s where that money comes from.

The Big Money to fund RootWorks comes from the one thing The City of Racine thinks they have that being selling Water from Lake Michigan. Waukesha would only be the first City to be sold Water to. Hell I could even see a Bottling Company being invited to start here.  I be very interested in knowing if the City of Racine has also reached out to or will be reaching out to the PRC

From The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC

… Wanted: Energy, Clean-Tech or Advanced Manufacturing Companies to be considered for capital investment in range of $5M-$15M each….

“The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is hosting private Chinese investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers and investment analysts for a two-day stop in Wisconsin during the Second Annual US-Chinese Investors Week. The conference, organized by Chinese private equity firm PiYi and the Council of American States in China, lasts 10-days with stops in Dallas, Los Angeles, Portland, Florida and Washington, D.C. The Wisconsin leg of the conference will be September 26 and 27, 2012 in Madison and Milwaukee.”

Might the PRC invest in Racine? Well you know I have speculated on that before




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