Team Clingman reports! Part 1

Nice trip over all. As myself and others drove and talked to the public around the Baraboo River as we sought to understand how the plan for the Baraboo River that the City of Baraboo O.K. that was written in part Vandewalle (as I understand it) has worked out for the City of Baraboo.

Well IMHO not very well, the area of the Baraboo River that the Baraboo plan looks at well to me is a slum a run down small town slum I can not see ANYTHING that the Baraboo plan called for being done. None of the score of residents I talked to knew of any objectives being met by the plan.  This is truly a worry since Baraboo unlike Racine is not land locked and is growing if Baraboo has issues getting this plan started what is Racine going to do and we are Land Locked and our population is decreasing unlike Baraboo who is growing. Baraboo is thought by many to have Good Schools unlike Racine and many who think that RUSD is well as my neighbor said “evil”

No action has been made other then a group meeting to talk about a Train to Madison in that effort. Like Racine the idea of Rail mass transit is a dream.

However there is a group trying to keep rail transport  service going into the Baraboo area. I do hope that works.

The biggest shock I saw was when your by the Square Baraboo looks like a neat cool place. We even saw African Americans, and they were not being bothered! When you go by the River away from the Downtown Baraboo looks like a well a  dirty slum kinda like many parts of Racine (Center and Mead) does to me.

The City of Baraboo owns lots of properties and looking to sell them to developers if I understood what I was told by the City Administrator there has been little interest.

Yet I understand from Vandewalle that our Root River Plan is going to talk off. Somehow with unknown developers with unknown investment by unknown parties.

Well as I see it the Baraboo Plan in a big FAIL. I do hope the City can get its money back but I think not.

I will say this The City of Baraboo is as I see it far more interested in new ideas then the City of Racine and far more open.

I am very temped to take photos of the sites this plan calls for being developed they do but Baraboo like Racine does not have the cash. Nor it looks like to me outside interested parties. Once again anyone can werite a plan and say great things are happening. However after years of the Baraboo plan on the books nothing has. Will this be the fate of the RootWorks plan too?


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