Baraboo Trip with Team Clingman!

Because of the long weekend, I will be going to Baraboo WI with members of like minded folks that I call team Clingman to do more investigations into if and how the work done by Vandewalle for the city has paid off.

See, if I can find how work Vandewalle did in Baraboo has helped that City, perhaps I can understand how/if RootWorks will help Racine,WI. As you know I have my worries from is this nothing more then Good Old Boys patting each other on the back to will the Racine Police force be gutted to pay for an Ice Rink for the rich and white?

This may be an unfair comparison, since IMHO Baraboo WI. is not a raciest City and Racine WI is.

In some ways they are too much the same Some in Baraboo want not a freight train line maintained (a good thing I think) but a Commuter Train created with some of the reasoning behind KRM. Sigh

So off Team Clingman goes to glory!


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