Racine in Ruins? Speculation Blog

So, I own a bunch of Domain names and a lot to talk about. I am thinking of using one of them and a cheep hosting account to start another Blog called Racine WI in Ruins, talk about all the fun and games in Racine WI from the reports of strange things coming out of the Recall recount and speculating if investigated will the investigation lead to The Mayor of Racine or not? What do you think?

I would get in contact with the Wolf man and re-post the photos he took of the slums of Racine. That sort of thing.

I think it be real interesting to post the info of oh say cronies of the Mayor and Small Claims Court filings.  Should someone sued by the City in the past be doing critical work for the City? What do you think?

Other questions might be the City has huge money issues to face how will The City deal with it? Roll back wages? Outsource Garbage pick up? Lay Off Police and Fire all/none? Simply raise taxes? You know they want to or do they?

Best be how cronies might be benefiting from City Contracts.You know speculation. Show my ideas of how the Good Old Boys at work or in this case destroying Racine driving it to Ruins.

Why pay money to host the Page? Easy max exposure to the world, about what is going on in this City.   See IMHO if folks know what is going on in Racine, maybe they care share more information with me about what they know. Perhaps there is a photo or two floating around showing falling down buildings that are not getting boarded up, maybe fun times in Sander’s Park.Word on the Street, you know what folks gossip about makes that park more fun then  Sybaris.  PARTY!

See I think we that live in Racine know a lot about what is going on and very much want to talk about it.  After all how can we change things if we do not know  what is going on?

Yes I have lots of Domain Names, maybe you have a use for one of them?

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