Great Lakes Maritime Museum An idea we will never see II

An idea we  will never see II

Visiting Kenosha as my wife and I do from time to time, we see the local museums draw a huge crowd. This crown by looking at the plates on the car come from all over the Midwest not just Kenoshia.

A good Museum could be a great draw to the city far more then the Party like Drunks that IMHO is the theme for Downtown Racine now.

A Great Lakes Maritime Museum in Racine along Lake Michigan, say in the area of the old Point Blue site was to be could in fact be a great draw for tourists around the Midwest to visit.

This Museum as I envision it would offer not only the history of Lake Michigan but focus on the importance of Lake Michigan in Commerce to America/Wisconsin.

I would also have some type of Scale model of a typical ship found on the Lake say in the 1880’s.  Like the General Micheal Airport in Milwaukee models of the  ship types from say 1700’s to what is found on the Lake today.

Be great to create a relationship with one of the Historical Sailing ships to visit Racine for say a week each Spring to focus attention to both the Museum and sailing ship.

This Museum would not be funded by Tax $$ but I look for cash from Companies dealing with Boating and Shipping . Other funds could come from History Buffs and just plain folks who would want to be part of this.

Continued income could come from a Cafe and Gift shop. For just fun I have an On Line only Pirate Ship that for a fee one could join and with your fee get a Letter of Mark and other swag.

In fact this could be the start of the fund raising to create said Museum

Of course this will most likely never happen or be supported by the Good old Boys and if want to know why. Let me say this ever hear of the Imaginarium?


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