Trade Off Part two My view

Trade off Part II or who is RootWorks for?

As we look at the plan called RootWork I see a lot of the effort being focused on the area called Downtown Racine. Now of course part of this is because the part of the River the Root River Council is focusing on is in the Downtown area of Racine.
You know the same area of Racine that as I see it is so unfriendly to anyone who is not White and Rich. If this Plan does do the acts called for will help draw more Whites of Racine to the Downtown, cool if you’re a Downtown Racine Business Owner not so much if your say a Unemployed Black man looking for a job and need to use the BUS to look for work. What might He think is more critical a new foot bridge across the Root River or a Bus system that might be used to look for a Job?
What might the Afro-American Community think of the effort to make Downtown Racine the place to go if your well off and have White Skin as the inner-city falls apart? Say how does an Outdoor Ice Rink at the Civic Center benefit say A mom living in the West 6th St area looking for a Programing in the Parks near her home for her kids to take part in?

As I see it the only thing this focus of the RootWorks plan is to well as I see it is have Downtown Racine be a great place for Whites who have cars to play in and then see how fast they can get the hell away from the Inner City back home.

Of course I will be told about the jobs coming from the building of say the Ice Rink or Foot Bridge if built. Does anyone truly think that the few jobs from that will be obtained by the Blacks in Racine Inner City? If You do I got some cool land for sale in Florida ….

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