Yesterday I was in Milwaukee helping to film the Teaser for Go Go Girls vs the Nazis (
When we were wrapping up the shooting, I starting talking with the Owner of the location we were using and two Milwaukee Police Offices that were providing security.
Once the officers found out I was from Racine, they started asking me about stories they had herd in Milwaukee from visitors to our fine City the owner joined in as did members of the cast. Around ten all together.

They knew about our fine Mayor suing his own city and told a interesting story about a pal trying to get out of the downtown after bar time and the difficulties of doing so, something about a huge fight around 6th and Park.

The group as a whole thought that there be no way in Hell they would come to the City of Racine after all they had bars in Milwaukee. One of the Women of the group wanted to know why even come? What did Racine have that could not be found in Milwaukee?

Interesting image is critical. No matter how news might be spun or not even reported news gets out. Folks come up with an image true or not that is acted on. We do it everyday.

Of course as I see it, what our Good Old Boys do is try and control the message from insuring the local media thinks its part of the Good Old Boys group ( when there is little interest show in the local media) to IMHO stopping the use of CAR 25 by locals to have a voice (not to good effect). This effort again IMHO has only helped them to think everything is just fine.

To be blunt all the marketing of the Root River in the world will do little good if the image of Racine is that of a corupt little town falling apart on Lake Michigan.

The real answer I think is to try fixing the issues but that might take work.


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