Funding the plan

So in a few weeks the Rootworks plan be passed and be the law of the land. The question now becomes how in Hell do we pay for any of this.
Mind you some of the plan is in the way of Cities cheep. A paint only Bike Trail costs very little and may in fact pay for itself in safety. Bikes in Bike lanes IMHO are safer then milling about.
An added foot bridge across the River would be not much BUT far more then a paint only Bike Path still as it comes to the plan not out of sight.

Infrastructure, such as fixing the intersection of Water and Marquette (and the buying of the buildings in that intersection would be done via a TIF (If I understand how TIF’s work) and that corner needs to be fixed as I see it. Sure they are ways that TIF’s can be misused and being someone that does not trust city Goverment leadership, so it be nice if say the City Council would keep tabs on the TIF if and when its formed, like that will happen. These are all side bars to the ideas of the RootWorks plan that IMHO gets the City of Racine Good Old Boys hard.
The main one being KRM, now I have been told by a few working in City planing jobs/Mass Transit types that plans are often created without knowing if they will EVER BE CARRIED OUT. Wow, shocking to me that some group/Goverment would spend tons of cash and to me the RootRiver cost lots of money for it not to be tried. IMHO every word in the plan is met to move the plan and all its parts forward. Therefore they talk about KRM to bring it about. Silly Rabbits KRM is dead The South Eastern Wisconsin Transit has been disbanded the funding mechanism removed. No way in God’s Earth is Govenor Scott Walker or Rep Robin Voss going to allow it to return. The recall that folks like the Tick Corry Mason and Mayor John Dickert bet on failed. KRM is not coming back in my lifetime 5 years. I do not think any chance of it coming back in my Grandkids Lifetime. Move the F on KRM folks.
The other big thing as I see it is Azarian Marina some obstacles are there like does the City buy it for tons of cash or use the fact that this land is behind on taxes to get it that way. Going back to the TIF idea some funds can be found via that the rest who know?
Thing is I think the City has no idea either.
In the Day of the big tick the old Governor Jim Doyle our Mayor in meeting with State Bodies planted Seeds he thought would bare fruit, sorry Mayor Dickert, Governor Walker cut the vines down so the tax payer can keep his own money.

Did the Root River Council spend all this money, do such a great Dog and Pony Show for nothing?
Sure as I see this RootWorks can help the Good old boys keep an illusion that they matter and they have a clue, that we need to believe. Should we? What would you think if the City of Racine say took down more lights to fund a new footbridge? Where will the money come to create a web page and maintain it? Questions questions


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