Trip to Kenosha Lake Front

This past Saturday My Wife, Grandson and myself went to the Kenosha Lake Front to take in the Farmers Market and Civil War Museum. My Wife and I use the Kenosha Market to buy our produce from local Farmers each week as we can. We thought be great too to see the Kenosha Civil War Museum.
We spent about 4 hours there and around $50. All and all a great time.
Unlike Racine IMHO Kenosha Lake front has lots going on for all ages in a Grass filled area that invites folks to stay. In fact THe Kenosha Downtown area has way more to offer then as I see it the main focus of Downtown Racine the Bars, Bars and more Bars. Or how fast can you get drunk.

In Kenosha we saw all kinds of folks in Racine Downtown well rich and White or at least White.

Lets see if I can show this better
(My observations)

Kenosha Racine

Free Parking Mega Bucks

Grass Filled Pavement

Free Access to the Lake by
Boaters Pay up!

Bars exist but few Bars and more Bars

All Races Nonwhites not
(Unless working)
Lots of Cool
Museums One nice Museum (Heritage)
Art Museum expensive and not for

Racine has a Downtown Farmer’s Market too in a Parking Lot and prices charged sea to be the same, vs Kenosha’s that is surrounded
by Grass and has lots of interesting booths and Music. Prices are not uniform.

We know that Rootworks is saying that this plan will bring folks to Dontown Racine. However why would they want too? In 20 mins I can be taking in a area that is inviting and has me feeling wanted. (Kenosha).

Downtown Racine well not so much I am not the right Color or Class and since I do not drink nor do my wife or 11 year old Grandson there is little we can find to do. In Kenosha with the events they have without Booze being a major part of it is huge.

In Racine even Party on the Pavement is IMHO so Booze filled we no longer go since the drinking is well very heavy by Noon. Party on!

I feel that Rootworks need to address this in detail, the idea of build it and they will come, just add Billboards is ludicrous. Then too what is RootWorks truly about?


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