The Return of a real Bad Idea KRM

As I read the RootWorks plan of of the ideas they have is for the return of the KRM toy train

From the Rootworks paper PP 16

“Support the development of the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee (KRM)
commuter rail, with a focus on the Racine-Kenosha-Chicago
connection as the next phase to enhance connectivity in the region
and locally, specifically to promote Root River Corridor business

This is very interesting is so many ways:

KRM is dead dead dead SERTA, the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority, is dead dead dead. This group would have to be brought back by Governor Scott Walker and this is NOT going to happen.

The authors of this plan are not dumb IMHO that had to know that SERTA, is gone and unless Walker was not Governor (Wonder how many in the Root River Council/Vandewalle signed the recall..)is was not coming back. So why is this in the plan?

I understand that all the groups of power I call the Good Old Boys are all for this such as RCEDC and RAMAC.Where all about KRM After all this lets them do more studies and claim they might realy do some good see RAMAC loves RCEDC loves RAMAC and look RAMAC is all about RCEDC. Read all about it here……

Might it be so Grant funds can be looked for to help study transit ideas? I know how about the City funding the local Bus so poor folks without cars can get around the City! One would think or I do that a bus system that helped the poor be far better then a pie in the sky idea that is not coming back as long as Walker is leading Wisconsin.

Should this idea have been brought up at an public input meeting I would have asked how KRM was going to get back BUT since it was not in my hearing I could not. Thinking was it ever brought up?

Myself I like to know how much Transit Now received for KRM issues and what they spent and who they spent it on.
I do believe some folks and good old boys got Bank out of this KRM game in the day and would like to again.

Note: I called and left messages for the contacts listed on the Transit Now Web Page (6/7/12) I coould have missed a return call but I think not. Is it time maybe to take down that Web page or change contact info?


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