Last few days I have not posting due to the helping Walker get a MANDATE to continue his reforms in Wisconsin.
Today before I start talking in detail about my views on the Root River Plan called Root Works, I thought I talk about what theWalker MANDATE means to Racine.

IMHO a big hope of the Leadership of the City of Racine was in the Recall so this city could (as Rep Corry Mason loves to do) suck off more State money with Tom Barrett as Governor the hope was Our Mayor would get more cash for his dieing city. We are losing population and we are losing jobs in the City of Racine. The county is starting to do well with Walker’s reforms but not the City too high taxes too much micro managing by City Leadership (How are the office buildings coming on State St?)
So companies are out of the city (Look for even Case HQ to leave by 2015) as tax base goes the city will enter the death spiral (See Detroit) Detroit at least has attracted young folks willing to take a chance and roll dice, as I see it they would not be welcomed here. After all they did not go to St. Cat’s.

With Walker still Governor Racine will see even less State Money and perhaps some attention from the State of Wisconsin investigative arms. I know myself I will be talking to the State of Wisconsin DNR about my worries with RootWorks.

Anyway with less cash coming to Racine from the State the City be very hard pressed to find cash to “Invest” in the Root River.

Even Obama will be cutting back with the budget cuts to come from the Federal Goverment. I think Obama is not going to be the cash cow he was before for anything at all.

If our city leadership had a clue they would be holding meetings with the County other cities in Racine and the population to find ways of working together and educate the public on choices we maybe dealing with. However this might mean no more City Hall Bathroom type BS and after all the Roll of the Goverment is to spend YOUR money.

Good thing that under Walker Property taxes can not be jack up at will or we see I think huge jumps in property taxes causing even more to leave Racine and then of course less to pay the massive City of Racine Bills.

Be interesting to see how our local leaders deal with this. My guess is that they will blame Scott Walker worked so far right?

As well how does the City afford staff working on Rootworks once the Seed money (for a lack of a better term) runs out? How does the city justified more spending when as times goes on say the next 6 months Obama loses/or even wins but the GOP take more seats in D.C. how does the city make ends meet? I like how one Dickert crony thinks just be positive that will work out.


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