The “Scam” Editorial

My .02 on the Powers that be

What I find fascinating with this whole Root River Plan is how IMHO this allows groups that have done nothing truly useful to claim that not only do they rock but should be seen as movers and shakers.
Groups like M-7 AKA Milwaukee 7 they say “The Milwaukee 7, launched in September 2005, was formed to create a regional, cooperative economic development platform for the seven counties of southeastern Wisconsin: Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha. Its mission is to attract, retain and grow diverse businesses and talent.” Wild simply wild when I look at the Council members I see a huge group of Good Old Boys who exist to be the gate keepers of Power and wealth. We cant just have anyone have access to capitol or resources can we?

Of course as I see each county co oped into being part of the M-7 as we all (maybe) want to be a good old boy. With that county’s leadership perhaps promised access in return to be good. The M-7 as long as you be good will say that your group done good.

Further down the food chain in Racine we have Racine County Economic Development Cooperation (RCEDC) where do I start with this group? They do like to say that many jobs are here or still here because of what they do. Interesting, of course the local good old boys will back them up after all if you want access to funds/programs managed by RCEDC do not kick the Dog.
RCEDC is big on RootWorks for this allows them to “manage” Grant monies (For a fee?) keep at least one staff member busy and!!!! lets them promote Launch Box “LaunchBox, a place for facilitating new
ideas and fostering new businesses.” Really? I wounder how many Afro-American or Hispanic folks have this office has helped?
When it comes to REDC Sometimes I wounder what would have come out if the former Mayor of Racine Garry Becker went to trial. What would come out?
What matter most is that M-7 loves REDC and REDC loves the M-7 and maybe we they write how well they think the other does!
So as I see it REDC loves Rootworks if only for the funds this may bring them and the chance of RCEDC to stand up and say “Look at what we are doing but not to close,”

We also have The Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce back in the day it was THE business group to be part of at a Business After 5 event long ago …… but now? They do need to update the web site some events ect they list I do not believe still go on unless that few folks bother to attend that the local paper no longer covers it.
RAMAC does have Young Professionals of Racine a group that sent two members to Racine City Council and I think a third will try to join them. I find it very interesting that the two were/are seen as Dickert backers as would be the third, should he make it.
Word on the street is Dickert himself picks who he wants to run and very much believes that YPR should be active in the Democratic Party very interesting if true.

RAMAC of course is all for RCEDC, Hell why not? It’s not like RAMAC does anything any more. Oh how far the mighty have fallen! Course its not nice to say that out loud.

What the above groups do not understand is how irrelevant they are business start ups no longer need to belong to or interact with them to find cash or other resources via the internet. the Net can do that for anyone power beyond imagination lies with a broadband connection.
As public works projects like Rootworks allow them to exist by IMHO managing grants and charging for “staff” use. What will happen when the Money from Washington runs out and it will run out far sooner then the Good old boys think.

AS the old Guard dies off will any what maybe left in Racine (and Racine is dieing too) to fill empty seats?


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