Public Meeting 5/31/12 at REC

Went to the Meeting last night for the public reveal of RootWorks. This was at the REC off 6th St. There was about 45 at the meeting of which 15 were City of Racine, REDC or Root River Council Staff or about 1/3 of attendees. Only one elected official, Alderman Fair was in attendance Note Both Supervisor Osterman and Assemblyman Cory (the Tick) Mason are leaders of the Root River Council and I include them in the group that had to be there.
So My Alderman/County Supervisor was not there nor were any others, to think that as an critical plan as RootWorks to be presented in Public for the first time and only one elected leader outside the Root River Council could be bothered to show up I am sure the elected leadership received a copy the Plans. Might it be because they know how the Mayor wants them to vote so why bother?

Alderman Mr. Fair caused quite the staring and whispering when he walked in. I love to know what the Vandewalle folks were whispering about,I think by the look on the their faces it was not about the weather. IMHO Mr. Fair being there was not welcomed for:

Wrong Color (only 2 Afro-Americans in attendance)
Wrong part of the Democratic Party (he is not seen as a backer of Mayor John Dickert in anyway.)
Not Well Off (Mr. Fair might ask questions about jobs and what steps maybe taken to include the Minority Community in the job efforts.)

I again question efforts to insure the public being there. 30 members of the Public is far from a good sample of the City or even the area on the River downtown.
Note I did see Ben L. of the Root River Council going Door to Door in my area to promote the free paddle yesterday. and I thank him for his efforts.

Local Property owners were there I saw three to include the owner of the Fish Farm in Racine, Mr. Olsen did tell me when I asked for the record, that the Mayor of Racine was never to his knowledge at his (Olsen’s) Fish Farm yet I was told he was(By a huge backer of the Mayor’s) I guess I know who is not telling the truth I just do not know why lie about it? Unless of course the Mayor might have plans for that intersection the Farm is on…….

Jean R was going around before hand taking short Video on what folks at the meeting thought was nice about the Root River. I spoke of the kids I now see playing in the Park.

The presentation lasted about 45 mins or so and cover the very very basics of the plan time and again the presenters said that they saw this not as a Mandate (my words) but thought we see partnership between Business/Goverment.

Overall A very short meeting with few members of the Public in attendance. Be interesting to see how the City spins investing any funds at all, when they are turning off street lights and paying John Dickert’s legal bills.

I will save my questions I have for the Public Hearing(s) to come.


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