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Open Records Phase IIa

I understand from others that they are many grants being worked on by the City of Racine for Rootworks (as it may be adapted). I think its time to request a list of the Grants being worked on and the amounts. In time perhaps I think a copy of the grants themselves.
For now a list be great after all is it not Public Information?


Step right up read the predictions on Rootworks!
Short term:

1) TIF Formed from about on the East Villa St to the West Mound St. and Sixth St to the North Bank of the River The Borders must include Azarian Marina the buildings on Water St It may include Racine County’s marina too.

2) Look to a street study looking to fix the intersections of Water St and Marquette St. As I see it this would allow the city to use the full power of the State (Eminent domain) to take control of the three buildings in this intersection.

3) Stating of the process to have the county seize all property in the TIF with back tax issues.

4) The forming of a front group to start the planing of Fresh Water Business Center, my guess that RECDC would be a part of this with the idea of receiving fees for services. Look to see who from RCEDC will be put in charge or be made part of this.

Long Term

1) The grants that the City Engineering Department is currently writing start to come in along with more EPA Grants best guess by 2014 Racine gets 5 Million in Grants. Less if Obama losses in November

2) Point Blue under another name is moved forward again. The developer will have connections to the Democratic Party and have been a donator to local political candidates.

Catching up on the news: with update!

Shall we Catch up on the news?

Root River TV

As you know both in Email and on my TV Show I have invited both the Root River Council Chairman County Supervisor Monty Osterman and Kyle E. Rogers of the EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to come on my TV show to talk about the Root River Project but even after follow up (not returned) Phone Calls no response so my thinking is a no or perhaps a “Hell No!”. One would think at least I do that they would come on or as another member of the Root River Council said ” That be a great opportunity” I can only offer I cant make them however this will be brought up at the Public Hearing in June.

Wow got this email

First of all, my apologies for the delayed response to your inquiry. I am not aware of other EPA grants awarded to the City of Racine. In regards to the Root River Corridor Redevelopment planning project, please contact the Root River Council and the City of Racine for any updates and rationale for the decisions..

As for appearing on CATV, I need to have the Public Affairs Department to provide guidance.

We appreciate your involvement, and I will channel your expressed concerns or ideas that may enhance the Root River Corridor Redevelopment Project to the appropriate project managers.

Thank you for your interest.

Kyle E. Rogers
Environmental Scientist
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
77 W Jackson Blvd. (SB-7J)
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
Tel: (312) 886-1995
Fax: (312) 886-4071

now was it my post on the blog that motivated this or just something that slipped his mind that does happen. Then of course I did leave message on his voice mail …….


With all that is going on I started the Podcast again will be talking about the Root River plan in detail my thoughts on this
Here is the last show I did

Public Hearing on Rootworks

From The City Administrator of Racine 5/21/12 via Email

…”After the City Plan meeting on June 13, the ordinance will be sent to the Council for a public hearing before the meeting on June 19. During the June 19 meeting, the ordinance will be recommended for approval.” …

You will not I think get much notice from the Racine Journal Times on this event. I do not know if this will be taped by CAR 25 or for that matter if there will be a CAR 25 by then but I digress.
Come and witness the start of a New Age in Racine if is for good or bad only History will say but know this with all the $$ coming to Racine no one will be able to stop this from becoming an official plan, there is as I see it too much money involved.

A Fish told me

Jobs are being filled to help on The Root River Council/Rootworks. As I understand it this is from Grant Money from the EPA.


Rep Corry Mason of Racine is a TICK! Who only lives from sucking the life from others. So you may want to keep a can of Raid near by.
As I see it the Tick forced Bob Turner to retire so Corry Mason could still server his masters in Madison.
Yes More then one person agrees that a WHITE Democrat forced a African American Vietnam Vet to retire so he (Mason) could keep on Feeding from the public. Where is the outrage?

Fish update!
Looks like the fish spoke a bit soon about jobs but word on the street is that this (Jobs) will on the agenda very soon. The Fish before swimming off thought it might have to do with agreements being signed

June 2012 Things to come

Well this month should see the plan being pimped by the Root River Council being talked about in a public hearing on June 19th. I hope but do not expect that the member of the City Council will take the time and read the plan before hand. However from early on in my looking into the Root River Project I found that few of our civic leaders had a clue some well because they never have a clue others because as I see it got left out of the loop. God forbid that real public input is gathered or sought for if real input from the those not the right color or income was received the Plan Called Rootwolks (link can be found on this blog) would be much different then what will be presented to the city.

My guess is that no matter what is said at City Council this plan will be approved. There is way too much cash on the line for it not to be.
Even I will be supporting this with reservations for if Jesus Himself come down and say ‘No!” the Good old boys counting on the cash they see coming would put Him back on the Cross.

I will be posting my commentary on the Plan here and talk about it on my TV show. Interesting times we live in

Fish Farming!

In the hallways of City Hall and in the bars of Downtown Racine there is talk of what kinds of businesses should be enticed to come to Racine as part of the Root River project.

What I have herd is basically two themes:

1) Lets sell water outside the Watershed and damn the hindmost

2) Tourism everyone wants to come to Racine! After all there are no Beaches,Boat Slips, or Bars anyplace then Racine.
I will not go in to details on with the high crime whole neighborhoods that look like war zones and no fast way to get to Racine from Hwy 94 that few are going to make that trip.

Lets look at business that could be encouraged and unlike the above be useful make money and create jobs, that of course be Aquaponics!

Yes Aquaponics, something as simple easy to do and products needed badly.

I have talked to more then a few Aquaponics farms and they have all told me the same thing, They sell what they produce and have standing orders for more. Be it in Milwaukee, the Small operation in Racine, or in New Orleans, its the same story, Aquaponics operations make money. They also produce good food for a local market. Food that is greatly needed. Investments in said tech would help bring about ways to do Aquaponics cheaper and more productively.

Racine as I am told is looking with Milwaukee to be a World Center of Water (Hey Tom how you like the J-S Editorial on 5/21/12?) A good idea if the Center would be to be a true center and not just words on a sheet of paper or cute talking points at a Press conference.

However that would take leadership something we are lacking in this debate.

I will have to see how the Rootworks is looking at this long term but I have little hope that outside the box thinking will be allowed by the powers that be.

FYI Mayor Dickert did a cute presentation with the Godfather of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on how Aquaponics can be a big player in Cities
From the Journal Times of Racine WI 3/12/12

The first step will be the technology, Dickert said, noting that Wisconsin, as well as Purdue University in Indiana, already have people who can get to work on the science.

“Fish farms have problems with disease. We will need to find a process or technology that does not allow for diseases,” he said. “Then it’s getting the investors involved. Right now we are moving very efficiently.”

If everything works out it will mean more jobs and opportunities for Racine, Dickert said.

“It may not bring 3,000 jobs, but if we can create a 1,000 jobs or a couple hundred jobs, and create a healthy food source for the city it is worth it,” he said.

Yet From the Journal Times 3/17/12 we have this Quote by Jo Heineman Natural Green Farms, 615 Marquette St., is one block from Racine City Hall, 730 Washington Ave. (emphasis mine)

“Why hasn’t he visited us if he’s interested in aquaponics?” Jo Heineman said. “The door’s still open for him to come.”

“We invited him when the other politicians came,” Joe Heineman said. “Did he get the emails? I don’t know.

“We can do (fish farming),” he said. “If they bring in somebody new, they don’t even know if the system works. We’re at the point where we can just explode (in business growth).”
In answer we have this

In response, Dickert said Friday he and others have been working at the tri-state level — Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana — to foster fish farming.

On May 13 2012 Supervisor Monty Osterman told me the Mayor had been there What? If so you would think the Mayor or staff would have said so.

Now at My Garden Space this morning I did hear something about a TIF in the area of Racine’s Fish Farm. If this is happening Why? Is the City thinking about helping this Farm or maybe something else?
Something in line with The Downtown plan that calls for a whole redevelopment of the area…..???

Does the Past tell a story?

With everything going on with Racine County owning and wanting to make Bank on its new Marina, with only ideas to go on I have to ask what has been the history of Marinas in the area over time.

From the Journal Times 8/19/94
SHEBOYGAN (AP) – A legislative committee will examine whether state agencies adequately studied the need for new marinas before granting millions of dollars in state funds to Lake Michigan cities for their construction.

The Joint Committee on Audit will meet next month to review the role of the Wisconsin Waterways Commission and the state Department of Natural Resources in decisions to build marinas in Sheboygan, Racine and Kenosha, said state Rep. Kimberly Plache, D-Racine, the committee’s co-chair.

An audit of the Waterways Commission was requested last week by Rep. Cloyd Porter, R-Burlington. Porter said nearly $8 million in grants to the three cities encouraged the development of unnecessary marinas.

Sheboygan’s $10.2 million Harbor Centre Marina is in its first summer of operation. It has rented out 31 percent of its dock space.

Racine’s Reefpoint Marina, which opened in 1989, is 52 percent full this year.Kenosha’s Southport Marina is at 31 percent of its capacity.

The joint committee will examine whether the Waterways Commission should simply provide help for recreational boating, Plache said.

The committee will also see if the commission, which grants state money for harbor improvements and recreational boating facilities, and the DNR adequately reviewed the need for new marinas before granting state money and permits.
Interesting story. Has things gotten better? Over time did our Marina’s put in the investment needed to keep things up to par or have they been allowed to go downhill?
How much more if any investment will be needed to bring ours up to snuff? Where will that money come from?

Well I think we will find out if the Racine County Executive is a fiscal conservative or not and how much he maybe under the spell of Downtown Racine and Mayor John Dickert.

Mind you this be a great opportunity for a county wide discussion on what form and direction, Racine County should go for economic development. here’s hoping

Root River Revitaliaztion TV!

The Root River TV Show is changing a bit. I have a few guests lined up and have invited others such as Supervisor Monty Osterman Chairman of the Root River Council and Kyle E. Rogers,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency who is helping manage the Root River EPA Grants the City has received for the Root River. I do hope they come on as time allows.

I will also be going over the plan as given to the City of Racine City Council, on 5/15/12 with my thoughts on what the plan means and my and my guests (as might be on) to talk about economic opportunities this plan offers.

Must say when I read the plan as given to the City for review,that the KRM was listed as on hold. I was under the impression that KRM after Governor Walker’s and the Wisconsin State Legislature actions that KRM was dead dead dead. So is part of the Root River plan bringing back to life KRM? How would that do that? Is there money that some how be used by the Root River Council for that effort?

A lot of interesting questions to look at on My TV show! Stay tuned!!