Root River Revitalization TV #4 and RootWorks Public Event

Just got done taping My CATV show and will be done editing this by Friday so this weekend will see it start to run on the CAR 25 and the other outlets.

I am planing to cover the public Meeting tonight about The Root River Plan to be called Root Works you can find a link to this plan on this Blog the Root River Council on their Web Page has a link to it as well.

I am doing the coverage for CAR 25 outside my TV show. This is to help allow as many folks as possible to see the Plan as presented by The Root River Council.

The Root River Council/City of Racine did not work on this plan nor spend the money for it to be written if it was NOT going to be followed. IMHO it would be in your best interest to know what is going on.

Its done! Show 4A and 4B


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