Grant Award to the Root River Council From the State of Wisconsin via

Recipients for this year’s grants were recommended by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Council, a Governor-appointed citizen and governmental advisory/The funds are part of Wisconsin’s federally-funded Coastal Management Program.

Project Name Root River Public Access Planning Project
Applicant Root River Council
Grant Amount $29,355
Category Land Use & Community Planning
Contact Monte Osterman (262) 308-2766
This project will result in design recommendations for completing
downtown Racine for decreasing stream-bank erosion and for strengthening
riverfront path and commercial, retail and recreational hubs.

My guess is that this group’s consultants Vandewalle out of Madison will see the Lion’s share, perhaps some will stay in the groups hands. I will be contacting the State for a copy of the grant be more details there.
Thinking it might be worth my time to start adding up the Grant totals of the Root River Council and as well the number of jobs this group has made for its membership.
Wonder why this did not make the paper? Might it help if we had a paper??!!
Mr. Mike Friis, of the State of Wisconsin was very helpful in answering some questions I had about the grant.

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