Step right up read the predictions on Rootworks!
Short term:

1) TIF Formed from about on the East Villa St to the West Mound St. and Sixth St to the North Bank of the River The Borders must include Azarian Marina the buildings on Water St It may include Racine County’s marina too.

2) Look to a street study looking to fix the intersections of Water St and Marquette St. As I see it this would allow the city to use the full power of the State (Eminent domain) to take control of the three buildings in this intersection.

3) Stating of the process to have the county seize all property in the TIF with back tax issues.

4) The forming of a front group to start the planing of Fresh Water Business Center, my guess that RECDC would be a part of this with the idea of receiving fees for services. Look to see who from RCEDC will be put in charge or be made part of this.

Long Term

1) The grants that the City Engineering Department is currently writing start to come in along with more EPA Grants best guess by 2014 Racine gets 5 Million in Grants. Less if Obama losses in November

2) Point Blue under another name is moved forward again. The developer will have connections to the Democratic Party and have been a donator to local political candidates.


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