Does the Past tell a story?

With everything going on with Racine County owning and wanting to make Bank on its new Marina, with only ideas to go on I have to ask what has been the history of Marinas in the area over time.

From the Journal Times 8/19/94
SHEBOYGAN (AP) – A legislative committee will examine whether state agencies adequately studied the need for new marinas before granting millions of dollars in state funds to Lake Michigan cities for their construction.

The Joint Committee on Audit will meet next month to review the role of the Wisconsin Waterways Commission and the state Department of Natural Resources in decisions to build marinas in Sheboygan, Racine and Kenosha, said state Rep. Kimberly Plache, D-Racine, the committee’s co-chair.

An audit of the Waterways Commission was requested last week by Rep. Cloyd Porter, R-Burlington. Porter said nearly $8 million in grants to the three cities encouraged the development of unnecessary marinas.

Sheboygan’s $10.2 million Harbor Centre Marina is in its first summer of operation. It has rented out 31 percent of its dock space.

Racine’s Reefpoint Marina, which opened in 1989, is 52 percent full this year.Kenosha’s Southport Marina is at 31 percent of its capacity.

The joint committee will examine whether the Waterways Commission should simply provide help for recreational boating, Plache said.

The committee will also see if the commission, which grants state money for harbor improvements and recreational boating facilities, and the DNR adequately reviewed the need for new marinas before granting state money and permits.
Interesting story. Has things gotten better? Over time did our Marina’s put in the investment needed to keep things up to par or have they been allowed to go downhill?
How much more if any investment will be needed to bring ours up to snuff? Where will that money come from?

Well I think we will find out if the Racine County Executive is a fiscal conservative or not and how much he maybe under the spell of Downtown Racine and Mayor John Dickert.

Mind you this be a great opportunity for a county wide discussion on what form and direction, Racine County should go for economic development. here’s hoping

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