Root River Revitaliaztion TV!

The Root River TV Show is changing a bit. I have a few guests lined up and have invited others such as Supervisor Monty Osterman Chairman of the Root River Council and Kyle E. Rogers,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency who is helping manage the Root River EPA Grants the City has received for the Root River. I do hope they come on as time allows.

I will also be going over the plan as given to the City of Racine City Council, on 5/15/12 with my thoughts on what the plan means and my and my guests (as might be on) to talk about economic opportunities this plan offers.

Must say when I read the plan as given to the City for review,that the KRM was listed as on hold. I was under the impression that KRM after Governor Walker’s and the Wisconsin State Legislature actions that KRM was dead dead dead. So is part of the Root River plan bringing back to life KRM? How would that do that? Is there money that some how be used by the Root River Council for that effort?

A lot of interesting questions to look at on My TV show! Stay tuned!!


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