Email Time!

Email sent to:
Kyle E. Rogers
Environmental Scientist
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Copied to Supervisor Osterman Chairman of the Root River Council.


Could you please share with me and other grants from the EPA that may be coming to Racine if/when the
Root River Redevelopment plan as written in this attachment become adapted by the City Council of Racine WI.
I had the understanding that the public input into this plan had some time yet to go. I see now that it is going to be looked at by the City Council and am unsure if I misunderstood what I read, and no longer can find the timeline on the Root River Council Web page Has something changed so the timing had to move up? Like Other Grants that could come our way?

As well please think about being on my CATV show on the Root River, Not only showing on CAR 25 here in Racine but working out the details to get it on Web based TV in Canada! A great way to get the word out about what we are doing, I am hoping to get an expert on use of Lake Water and issues of that on the show soon as well. Exciting times!

Thanks for your time

Wayne Clingman
Root River Revitalization
Head Cheer Leader

Lets see what happens Exciting times!


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