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This is due to the City of Racine going to our knees to pay Mayor John Dickert’s legal Bills for his slander count case.


Date: May 13, 2012
The responsible, decent and hardworking Citizens of Racine call on Mayor John Dickert, and City Administrator Tom Friedel, to resign their posts and return to private life. Their recent activities indicate that they are ethically and morally challenged and unsuitable for Public Office. In addition to being are wreckless and irresponsible with Taxpayers money they are unresponsive to the hardworking Citizens of Racine who are engaged in private Business and Employment. They have destroyed the business climate of Racine through their questionable activities with awarding contracts and perceived nepotism/cronyism that has completely destroyed any credibility of the Mayor and City Administrators Office. In addition, their activities have engaged the City of Racine in numerous lawsuits.
Common Council President Greg Helding who stated , “it’s “absurd” there’s any question whether Dickert was speaking as mayor when he commented about the city’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program, saying he believed Dickert had been acting as an elected official talking about official business” made a mockery of The Honorable Judge Bruce Schroeder’s ruling to the contrary and is also called on to resign. Greg Heldings lack of respect for the rule of law and our judicial process indicates that he is unsuitable for public service.
Alderman Jim Kaplan, in his inexplicable and buffonish statement claimed, “Elected officials are in their position 24/7, 365 days a year,” Kaplan said. “It’s an unfortunate situation. Sometimes the cost of doing business is hard to digest,” indicating that he is not intellectually capable of holding public office in a position of responsibility and needs to resign.
The fact that “Most aldermen declined to comment or could not be reached Friday” indicates a serious lack of concern by the Aldermen for Citizens and an elite mentality of entitlement. They should be ashamed and resign en-masse for not seeking to remove John Dickert and Tom Friedel from public offices of responsibility that both are too incompetent to fulfill..
Alderman Mike Shields who stated “(he) believed the mayor had not been in his official capacity and that he should reimburse the city. “We’ve got to be fair across the board to everybody,” he said. “There’s no free rides for anybody. I sympathize for the mayor, but he wasn’t acting in his official capacity so why should the city foot the bill?”, IS to be COMMENDED for displaying Courage, Leadership, Respect for the Rule of Law and the Audacity and Backbone to speak the truth.


Note: IMHO its hard as hell to get investments in a City like Racine when others see you as being full of petty corupt officials. My own Daughter thought Racine worse then Youngstown Ohio


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