And so it begins

First let me thank my own corps of interested parties who give me information on the Root River via both City Hall and the County, without them I would not have the latest information.
FYI so I am never able to tell anyone who I am getting info from we meet in public places and they hand me paper or tell me info as I take notes.
Might seem silly but IMHO there is millions of $$ at stake and just like any other “Gold rush” be it Vegas,Phoenix or “Green” power, money in this case lots of money can do interesting things.

Just think if Waukesha cant get the water the City “Needs” all development comes to a stop IMHO millions and millions of $$ worth followed by hundreds of jobs worth even more millions.

What would YOU do to protect your paycheck for a few million?

Now things are afoot with the Root River Plan having to be an ordinance as soon as possible, I will be looking at that. Oh and question? Why the Mayor of Racine not visiting the Fish Farm off the Root River and why are his cronies saying he has? Something is not making much sense. Such as small thing to lie about.


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