Economic Engine Ideas

As was suggested by others and I would agree with in order to create the Root River to all it could be for Racine City and County an Economic Engine would need to be found to power the development. My guess is that the lefties would love to see more taxes found for a Government funded and controlled effort for all the things they like to see from a year around Ice Rink to dock side stages.

However the real world comes into play. The State Under Scott Walker (and he will win the Recall) will not allow the City to jack up taxes as much as would be needed to pay for it. The State will not send money to Racine to pay for this sort of silly.

As much as The left loves to talk regionalism,

With any luck Obama the Socialist will be out of office and we will see mega cuts in spending as adults take control of The Government. Yes the left will cry, but they can expect no real money from DC after Obama is out or should the GOP take both Houses.

So there are only a few options left.

The Mayor can use TIF’s and a BID to get some funding. Perhaps 2 or 3 Million more.

The Mayor can pull a “Con” and try to get funding from Waukesha for some type of joint effort with the bet being that Racine can be the one chosen to work with Waukesha vs Milwaukee or Oak Creak that’s a big bet and be interesting the deals that would have to be made.

The City and County might form a joint program with say CATI to create a Water Research Complex located near the Lake/Root River.
Now this should be something that is being worked on now, but sadly it is not. If it was we be hearing all about it unless…. it was tied into selling water…..

There is one other way out option that just might be going on bring together a lot of money looking to invest and get research out of it, A City that needs a huge amount of money, and Waukesha who needs Water badly.

Any Guesses? What do you think?


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