From when I was in High School my Civic teacher talked about the key to understanding much of politics was to look at the money.
The more I look at local politics the more it looks like to me it is very much about the money and to some degree power (Money can buy power and power get you money)

Nothing wrong with anyone doing what they want to make money as long as its legal. We can talk about a lot of interesting going on in the City of Racine after Open Records come back.
IMHO one of the major reasons Mayor Dickert wanted Marcus to be off City Council was because he knew about money trails was looking at others and worse of all was not afraid of talking about what The Good Old Boys wanted kept in the dark.

After all this is Racine WI a City that my youngest call worse then Youngstown Ohio when she stayed here one summer.

Today’s thought is this: there is a lot of $$ being spent on the Dog and Pony show (Root River project meetings) that few are going to, nor is any form of broadcast media being used to get the message out to others. I understand that for the game to be played the rules must be followed:

Public Meetings must be held

Public Input must be gathered

In someway this information must be put in the plan

The Plan must be made public

When you have public meetings of less then 30 members of the true public vs City officials and paid consults added to the mix and of course as I see it members of the Root River Council Seeding small group talks to “Guide” them making sure the “right points” are added as I see it makes sure that the Public Input is right for the outcome the Good old Boys want.

So then let me ask this how much money is coming? Far more then the 1.2 + I can document.


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