King of all Media My Thoughts

This might seam off topic for the Root River?Lake Michigan post but well I think you will get the point and why its in my blog today. 🙂

Readers of this blog will understand that one of my bitches about the Root River Project is the lack of information about what is going on and what plans if any exist on how to make sure that everyone who may be interested in the opportunities that are coming with the Root River project can be part of them and simply information/transparency is maintained. When you think of the Millions of $$ that selling Lake Michigan water might bring in, the need is clear I think.

In a time not long ago the gatekeepers in this case the Good Old Boys would have control of the media (Newspaper/Radio)giving anyone little chance of being able to send a message.

Using my efforts as an example, I will explain why this is no longer the case.

We know of this blog and the number of hits it has received but wait! The idea is How many could read it and the act on the information.

I Tweet new Blog Postings to about 4500 Facebook sharing to over 1700
A few retweets and other shares on Facebook looking at over 10,000 who could read not what the Good Old Boys want you to know but what I think is needed to be known.
Control the Media Control the Message
Control the Message Control the Outcome

Root River Revitalization TV

Interesting thing here is story is more easily told visually (TV Film) so thats why I have a TV show on the subject more can see my TV show then read the Local “Paper” of course I put it on You Tube and other Web Sites that will allow free uploads (yes I am Cheep) from the emails nd talking from folks on the street I say a few hundred see my TV show in Racine. You may understand why I and others think the Mayor of Racine is looking for ways to shut down CAR 25 to folks making content he does not like. If in fact IMHO the Mayor of Racine is trying to shut down messages he does not like there is little he can do.
Wait, let me explain! I can and will be doing more syndication of my TV show in fact I am talking to a Web page in Candida that has over 20,000 viewers. You think that telling 20K + folks in the great white North that Racine WI ma be thinking that dumping raw sewage in Lake Michigan as part of our selling Water to cities outside the watershed might get some right upset. I have the best visual effect for this idea too.
Heck with just a little more effort I could get my TV show in front of 100K a week that make an impact.

Control the message Control the outcome

Why the Domain names?

Easy if someone was looking for info on Root River Revitalization and used possible domain names as the search term or part of one I want my Blog to come up first or near first.
The most puzzling thing is why did the Root River Folks not get the Domain names they would need? They are paying some nice $$ to Madison Consults to help them Market the program maybe they need to hire someone with a clue.


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