New Visit to Baraboo

As you may know I have kin in Baraboo WI. once again after visiting them I found myself in  the City talking to residents about there plan for the Baraboo River.

They like us understand that they have a great resource and want to use it for the highest use for everyone. I have not and think I will not see the racism I  myself see with our (Racine WI) Downtown. Best of all is how I see just plain folk want to see the best possible outcome.

I by chance got to meet the owners of one of the larger businesses in Baraboo, they have IMHO great plans on what they can do with the River to expand what they are doing to expand and create more jobs in the Baraboo area.

After I talk about what I see going on here in Racine with the Root River they were able to guess that our Mayor John Dickert is a Democrat, swear  I did not tell them.

Bonus points to them is there interest in Buying local and the idea of helping to form a Restaurant Supported Ag outlet of some type.  LOt of cool things going on in Baraboo, what I really thought was neat was my understanding that the city of Baraboo wants to help bring business to that town vs Micromanaging  companies out of town.


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