Citizen Science the Plan

As you may  know  I am a big fan of Citizen Science, think its huge for so many things.

What I will be doing to bring this about with the Root River is two acts:

1) Start to monitor he Root River as it comes by my Home at Gleson Park.

2) Monitor Lake Michigan at the County Marnia

What I and of course the Root River Pirates (Arrr) will be looking at is water quality and how that changes if it does change when Milwaukee dumps a few million Gallons of Raw Sewage into the Lake and how long does it take to come up the Root River or if it does.  Findings I would share freely with interested parties.

I hope to do the sampling when the older youth are playing Soccer so I may engage them in what I am doing and how having a clean Lake and River helps everyone.

The cost to do this is very little and will help the effort of a clean Lake and River if only in a small way.

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