Another City/County project idea

Well if the RCEDC had a clue and as you know I think they do not have much of one. An easy idea for the City/County/State could work on with a local company (A small Farm based Compost Site)  is a Vermicomposting operation that would use worms to not only clean the soil from say dredging the River/Lake but Leif/Green matter collected by the City as part of street cleaning.

Mind you the City should not compete with Business, however there is nothing wrong as I see it in a joint venture to see if this idea would/will work or not.

The effort would be very inexpensive to start and would make money for the joint venture by selling:


Worm Castings

Worms for both Gardeners and Bait.

The county could provide the ground to run the effort on at a location owned by Racine County near the City or even Pearl St Location could be used not a lot of land would be needed.

The Local Compost operation would provide the Tech help.

Funds needed to start this up could come from Grants as well as investors. There is a huge demand for Compost as well as new ideas to handle Soil from Brown fields  and to do so in a way that turns  a profit.  We even see real Green jobs from this.

Be interesting to see if any place is trying something like this maybe if not here other places in the world.

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