Point Blue

I keep hearing that one of the Goals if not the only of the Root River Project is to help restart Point Blue.

My Contacts talk of the City wanting to use part of the EPA Grants to do more clean up of that area (The old Walker site), with the old Point Blue calling for a Marina. I could see some of this EPA Grants being used for Dredging with some help from the County as part of a joint effort to help both Marina’s.

It comes as no shock that the City would want to see Point Blue done. Should we get this going the project would bring a lot of Tax base (The magic words) to the City and with Rep Paul Ryan perhaps becoming Vice President give something for the Mayor of Racine to hang his hat on as he thinks about a run to obtain Ryan’s seat.

I understand that a member of the Common Council believes he can get Disney to do a Water Park  at Point Blue, however the Walker Site and the Market that we offer is far  to small for Disney. No harm in trying.

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