Dredging #2

Dredging costs a lot of money. I had two sources tell me that in the past businesses along the River bank that would benefit  from a dredging operation have resisted/refused to pay there share of an operation. IMHO this is so wrong if a for profit business would directly benefit from Dredging they should pay a fair share.

Now my off the cuff idea would be to find a landscaping company who be interested in using the muck from the River/Lake bed to use for Compost.  This Muck after being composted could be sold not only to other landscaping companies and the public but sold back to local units of Government for Brownfield clean up.  A few 10K’s of cubic yards go a long way to pay back an investment one could even use this to create a few true green jobs.

Of course the muck would have to be tested for Hvy Metals Ect  and the proper composted would need to be done.

I need to look at this some more.


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