Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (My view)

Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (My View)

Where do I begin?   Well what there Web page said about themselves:

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) is the official metropolitan planning organization (MPO) and regional planning commission (RPC) for the seven county southeastern Wisconsin area.  SEWRPC was created in 1960 to provide the basic information and planning services necessary to solve problems which transcend the corporate boundaries and fiscal capabilities of the local units of government comprising the Southeastern Wisconsin Region….

Well sounds good right? All working together for the good of all right one big happy dance.

I think not, being the cynic as Ambrose Bierce said  The conduct of “public affairs for private advantage.” and I see this group very much like that. Now the Members may not themselves loot the public treasury but the plans they come up with allow their masters to do so. Be it The City of Milwaukee, The City of Racine, Milwaukee County and/or Nonprofits that live off the public taxes.

My belief is that a large part of the “work” this group does is to find ways to insure Units of Government have issues to deal with and consultants   ready for a fee of course to help fix the issues.

I also very much think that groups like this and say the Root River Council exist to insure that there masters plans only have the right Companies get bids and only the right plans by the right (Color/Income) folks  get approved all in a way that protect there masters.

If I had the time I look at the connections with Party Politics starting with who in this group signed the Recall. Who are members of the Democratic Party.

I could also look at what Companies they work/ed for and that connection to party and politics.

However the Root River Revitalization takes up most of my time.



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  1. Posted by billonthehill77 on April 23, 2012 at 1:59 am

    SEWRPC should really be read as an invitation to SUE RPC.

    My view, criminals in government.


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