Racine Shiping History

IMHO History is a great thing to know if only allowing an understanding of the long road we have all walked to get here.

The City of Racine once had a huge connection to Lake  Michigan as a port goods and Immigrants.

In Fact my Home was I understand the first home built in the subdivision in 1905 for a Capt Jones a Ship Capt who worked on the Great Lakes by his son who was one of the first V.P.’s of the Case Company (Who also had long history on the Lake).

To honor his father the son build a theme room popular at the time of a Ship Bunk Quarters on the 2nd floor, yes the room is set up with the type of bed/ dresser found on a Great Lake Caro ship of the late 1890’s.

I will have to post photos.  I enjoy looking South  over the Root River and thinking how nice the view  had to be  before the decline on the City began.

So before the RR became huge Water shipping was used because it was cheep when the Rail Roads showed up and offered faster transport that killed sailing.  Now with oil going up we just might see a return to the Age of Sail


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  1. Posted by billonthehill77 on April 20, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    RR = root river, not rail road
    Capt. Jones, is that Davey Jones?
    Where is the GO-GO girls?


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