Reefpoint Marina advisory commission

Read the J-T Story on Reefpoint Marina advisory commission meeting yesterday. Interesting to see a group working on making Racine a go to place for activities based on the Lake and river.

Like the boldness to say they will be looking for help in doing this. I will  be of course contacting them to offer my help.  I do believe I can offer some great ideas that will help the both of us in many ways.

The main focus for me is to see this “new” Marina do as well as possible to not only benefit Racine County (Who now owes it) but myself with some type of income. If all else fails as a Slip broker a % for each slip rented say.

I would also love to pitch other ideas as well, from a Boat Race to Tall Ships as part of Pirate Days.

The best news ever when you compare the costs for storage/maintenance.  The Racine area rocks out! That alone is a huge selling point.

My big fear however is some Racine Good Old Boy will cut off all but some poor attempt to market this using the same old bad ideas used to promote the City such as  Radio stations no one cares about newspapers no one reads and mailers.

So much more one can do then that so much more.  God knows Q.R. Codes put on clouds do a better job.

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