Walking the River

So I walked around the River and Lake today, talked to many of the Boaters/Fishermen hanging around this is what I found out your mileage may very

1) If I had a Cooler with Cold Soda and Cookies  I would have done very well.  On the Causeway alone I saw 20 folks of all ages. Talking to theses guys I could have done real well I think this goes to show how well Caleb will do with his operation when he gets that up and running in early May.

However I also feel that there is opportunity for others as well.  Hell after all who is going to get up at 5:00 AM to see what is going down on the Lake?Should you and bring Soda ect with you  you might make a few $$.

2) Very few folks knew anything about the Root River project however EVERYONE I talked to wanted to know all I could tell them. I enjoyed telling them what I knew and I hope to keep in touch with them. Shared the Blog adress and told them about Root River TV.

3) Many of the large ship owners I talked to insisted that the Root River should be dredged or what little traffic we get here will have to go somewhere else. That would be a true shame.

4) there is a lot of information to be had by talking to those using the Root River/Lake Michigan I plan to obtain as much as I can

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