Talk about…

Point of fact is the message and how its sent out.  The idea is to be the message to be the one that is a trust agent of the best information without regard to who might recive the message the only thing I want is to engage with ANYONE who wants to talk about the Root River.

If they want to talk Fishing GREAT!

If they want to talk Boating GREAT!

If they want to talk beautification GREAT!

If they want to talk the history of Shipping on the Great Lakes GREAT!

Get the point? Understand the idea?

Its about the whole Root River and how we all can use it.

Was out today talk to folks Downtown had a few ask if I was in change of anything “Official” and Of course I said no that I am the Head Cheer Leader. Why would I do this and no get credit? I was asked easy I do it because I can AND someone has to be the get the word out about the Root River and how it could be used for everyone in the area.

I use the tools I do to interact with as many folks as I can where I can.  I can create craft and push my message my thoughts my ideas faster easier and in a way that allows anyone interested to learn more ask questions and interact with someone who truly cares about the Root River and The City of Racine!

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