RRR TV and Misc Updates

The taping of the first Root River Revitalization TV show went well. Without a Guest a short show about 15 mins. Yes A guest helps so much and was only able to express my thoughts and ideas on the Root River Project.

Well never fear I have a great line up of guests to come on the show! Many folks from Government types Small Business types to just plain folks want to talk about the River and Lake and what it means to them!!!

I realy enjoyed being the self appointed Cheerleader of the Root River!

So look for RRR TV on You Tube-Vieno-Blip TV and your local CATV outlet (Stations all over the State and Midwest are very interested in the Show!! Very Cool!

Did You know that a Show seen om FSN Big Fish 365 has filmed in Racine WI and fished both the Lake and River?    I understand that they plan to come back soon and I hope to have them on RRR TV!

I also talked to a Business Owner on 6th St, She wants me to read the old 6th st Plan the City of Racine was going to do a few years ago. THe owner who wishes not to be named said it is very much like the plan being talked about now. I am looking forward to reading that plan when I get a copy.





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